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The Worldwide Geographic Academy is a scientific and cultural association that occupies itself with the popularization of the knowledge of all the nations of the world, through information on every country, photographic documentations, cartography and trips to the discovery of our planet and the populations that live it. The association has been founded by a group of geologists and depths experts of the world, but can enter whoever is interested to the discovery and the knowledge of the natural, environmental, urban, demografic and cultural aspects of the world.

Our ideal is that to learn to appreciate the aspects and the natural resources of the whole planet and to come to contact with the populations that live it, in the suit respect of the environment and the people, any both their social degree and their cultural level; whatever both their language and their religion; whatever both their sex and their color of the skin.

To allow this we furnish scientific, techniques and funny information on every country of the world to all the associates and we will look for, with the help of the partners, to furnish a vast photographic documentation on all the 194 nations of the world (currently our photographic file is rich of over 25.000 images of around 140 states). Besides we will realize every year at least 3 "trips to open eyes" in Italy, in Europe and in the World, with the discreet guide of our experts and with a limited number of participants, so that to allow to directly know the various aspects of our planet.

Obviously all the services of the Worldwide Geographic Academy are reserved to the partners.


The President of the Academy
Paolo Castellani
Geologist and geographer, traveller and photographer, knows over 160 Countries in all the continents of the planet.

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The Vice-president of the Academy
Riccardo Cortigiani
Geologist, traveller and photographer. Expert of ludic voyager, he knows a lot of italian beaches and mountains.

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General Secretary
Andrea Castellani
Geologist and traveller knows well Anglo- Saxon's world; he gained hard experiences in Europe, America and Africa.

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The editorial unit of the Geomondo

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Director of Geomondo
Riccardo Caliani

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Art Director of Geomondo
Annalisa Fontanelli

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Geomondo Supervisor
Andrea Castellani

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Worldwide Geographic Academy Viale Marconi 106, 53036 POGGIBONSI (SIENA) ITALY - phone and fax: 0577 989279