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Location: Europe
Population: 890
Area: 0.44 km2
Coin: 1 euro = 100 cents
Languages: Latin (official), Italian
Religions: Roman Catholic




The state of the Holy See is the smallest of the world, only 0,44 Kmqs, representing an enclave of the City of Rome corresponding to the Vatican Hill, with the plaza and the basilica of S. Pietro, the buildings, the gardens and the museums vaticani.
Out of the territory they enjoy of extraterritoriality smaller areas as the Roman basilicas of S. Maria Maggiore, S. Giovanni in Laterano and S. Paul out the Boundaries, as well as the building of Castel Gandolfo, summer residence of the Pope.
It has only 890 inhabitants, of which 266 residents and 516 with citizen.
Over the center of the temporal power of the Catholic Church, it is one of the states more visited to the world, you are enough to think that during 2000 (last jubilee) over 8 million and a half of people have participated to meetings with the Pope and over 24 million and a half of pilgrims have come in Vatican.

* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about Vatican City are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com

June '09
Musei Vaticani:
un piccolo Stato, un grande museo

Natale in San Pietro Il Cupolone Palazzi Vaticani Particolare del Cupolone

Piazza San Pietro San Pietro dal colonnato del Bernini San Pietro dal Tevere San Pietro

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