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Location: Asia
Seoul ( 13.000.000 inhab.)
Main CIties:
Pusan, Taegu, Inchon, Kwangju
99,269 km2
1 won = 100 jeon
Buddhist, Protestant, Catholic Roman, Confucianism
The Independence's Year:




Democracy is decidedly more reality that in North Korea, nevertheless only in 1992 the first civilian has been chosen to the position of President of the Republic; the service military obligatory last 2 years and a half and in the country there are still 36.000 military U.S. citizens.
In every case the economic situation is good and despite the recent failure of the Daewoo Motor, that has determined thousand of dismissals, the industrial activities are increasing, like so the building development.
The nation is predominantly mountainous, at least to the center-north, while the south coast is level and surrounded by about ten islands.
The climate is good, moderate, with winters substantially myths and warm, even if damp summers.
The decidedly best conditions of life in comparison to North Korea determine a housing density of over the double one in comparison to Korea of Pyeongjang, in fact almost 47 million people live in a nation that is not even one-third of Italy.


* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about South Korea are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com



Mercato del pesce Porticciolo Ristorante di strada Incheon

Nel porto di Incheon Strada di Seoul Ginseng Banca di Corea

Post Tower a Seoul Per le strade di Seoul Lagune presso Incheon Isole del Mar Giallo

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