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Location: Middle East
Abu Dhabi ( 370.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah
83,600 km2
1 UAE dirham = 100 fils
Sunni ans Shi'a Muslim
The Independence's Year:



It is a federation constituted by 7 emirates, of which Abu Dhabi is the greatest (around the 88% of the territory) and the homonym city is the capital of the state, but Dubai is the greatest city (around 1.000.000 of inhabitants).
It is the ex Pirates' Coast, British protectorate up to 1971, that overlooks the Arabic Gulf with an edge of desert.
The population is constituted for around 2/3 by males, because of its great immigration of foreign work forces. In the great oasis of Buraimi tomatoes, dates and citrus fruit are cultivated, but true wealth is in the subsoil and under the sea and it is represented by the layers of gas and above all of oil, principal source of export.
The Emirates offer privileged fiscal conditions. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city in which there are many traffics around the Creek, the ancient commercial Souks and futuristic architectures, especially in the zone of the Jumeirah and along the coast of the gulf Arabic, where rise the Emirateses Towers and the most fantastic hotel of the world with its unmistakable form to sail: the Burj to the Arab.

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Maggio '07
Emirati Arabi Uniti


Abu Dhabi  Al mercato del pesce  Al mercato di Al-Ain  Al-Ain

Dubai marina  Forte Al-Fahaidi a Dubai.  Il Creek a Dubai  Il Creek di notte

Montagne al confine con l'Oman  Moschea sul Creek  Nell'oasi di Buraimi  Skyline di Dubai

Skyline notturno di Dubai  Twin towers a Dubai  Palazzi sul Creek  Dubai

Burj Al Arab Architettura a Dubai Centro commerciale a Dubai Un Abra sul Creek Decorazioni con hennè Il Burj Al Arab

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