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In this section every year the A.G.M. will propose excursions from the different characteristics.

That the destination of the trip is found in Italy, in Europe or in any other place in the World, every initiative is RESERVED ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY TO THE A.G.M. MEMBERS

The places and the dates of trip will be made notes at the right moment on "Geomondo" and they suit for the demands of the participants.

Ultimate programs will be communicated to everybody and published on the Geomondo to the opportune moment; meanwhile every partner takes note of what interests him and communicate as soon as possible his pre-adhesion to the excursions, because the places will always be limited, because for our philosophy of the trip-knowledge we won't make excursions with more than 10 - 12 participants (to exclusion obviously of the annual AGM convention and the easy trips in Italy that will always have opened to everybody).


this trip was achieved from 29 december 2016 to 6 january 2017. On the january 2017 edition of the GEOMONDO is published report about the trip.

Few pics:

REMEMBER THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE PARTNER OF THE WORLDWIDE GEOGRAPHIC ACADEMY, so that to be able to share our cultural ideal and in way to be able to participate in our publications and our unique and exclusive trips.