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Location: Asia
Delhi (8.400.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbay, Madras, Agra, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kampur, Lucknow, Pune, Varanasi (Benares)
3,287,263 km2
1 Indian rupee = 100 paise
Hindi, English
Hindu, Moslem, Sikh, Christian
The Independence's Year:
Himalaya Meridionale, Ghati occidentali, Ghati Orientali
Gange, Indo, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Kishna



It is an enormous (almost 11 times greater than Italy) nation, but despite this states greater than India exist, but none of them possesses the variety of races, of religions, of languages and of cultures of India and this almost inevitably produces conflicts or ethnic and religious rivalry.
It is a very beautiful nation, reserved to people from the open mind and from the hard heart, because the things, the events, the people, the rites, the illnesses, the poverty, the lack of hygiene, the promiscuity, that you can live in India, can't not to strike and often to mark forever the careful traveller and the sensitive man.
However it is undoubtedly a nation to visit and to live, also only for the colors, the odors, the perfumes, the histories and the legends.
It is a nation to be understood for its rites and ritual, for its philosophy and its thousand religions, for the work of Gandhi and of Mother Teresa.
It is a nation to be appreciated without hurry for its mountains and its rivers, for its architectures and its cities: Sour, Varanasi, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai, Gwalior, Orcha, Jasalmer.
It is a nation where to melt of emotion in front of the white shine of the Taj Mahal, even in a starry night (there is no illumination), for the endless beauty of the monument and for the yearning melody of the love story that has produced him.

* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about India are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com


April '06

Delhi Doccia indiana Donne rajasthane al Taj Mahal Fatehpur Sikri

Forte Amber Gwalior Il forte di Gwalior Jaipur

Khajuraho Musicista con elefante Nei pressi di Varanasi Ragazza di Agra

Sulle strade del Rajasthan Taj Mahal ad Agra Vetrata ad Amber I ghat di Varanasi

Ragazza di Jaisalmer L'alba sul Gange Jaisalmer Puskar Lake

   Taj Mahal Tetti di Jaisalmer Sorriso indiano Varanasi

Photographies to greater solution can be found to the page The Indian Region Gallery