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Location: Caribbean
Castries (14.000 inhab.)
616 km2
1 East Caribbean dollar = 100 cents
English, Creole-French
Roman Catholic, Protestant
The Independence's Year:



Wonderful and big island (616 Kmq) of small Antilles, located between the Martinique to North and S. Vincent to South.
It is a mountainous island, of volcanic origin, a lot of green, surrounded from a very beautiful sea; even though it is strongly inhabited it offers exclusive places.
They cultivate prevalently bananas, but the greater activity is without doubt the tourism; it offers tax haven conditions.

* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about Saint Lucia are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com

April '10    
Viaggio alla Martinica e a Saint Lucia


A Gros Islet A Marigot Bay Anse Chastagnet Soufriere e il Piton al crepuscolo

Castries Dalla piscina del Mago Estate Hotel Tramonto a St.Lucia Fiore alle Diamond Waterfalls

Il Petit Piton al crepuscolo Interno di St.Lucia La Baia di Gros Islet La costa sud

La parte nord di St.Lucia Le Petit Piton Le sorgenti solfuree Le Sport a St.Lucia

Marigot Bay Nave da crociera a Castries Palme a Anse Chastagnet Piazza Derek Walcott a Castries

Pigeon Island Soufriere e il Piton Canaries Soufriere

Fiore ai Pitons A Rodney Bay Fiore di banano Il Piton Diamond Waterfalls

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