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Location: Africa
Lomé (700.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
Sokodè, Kpalimè, Kara, Atakpame
56,785 km2
1 CFA franc = 100 centimes
French, Tribal languages
Animist, Roman Catholic, Moslem
The Independence's Year:



Little state on the Gulf of Guinea, constituted by a wide narrow strip large from 50 to 150 kilometers, that lengthens for about 600 kilometers between Ghana at west and Benin to east.
It had been governed for years with the terror by the long dictatorship of the General Eyadema (from 1967 finally of the years '90).
Now it is a very quiet nation to vocation agricultural, that however allows also good export, as for the cotton, the cocoa, coffee and the peanuts. It is one of the majors worldwide phosphate producers.
The country is interesting for its cultures and for its rites, its populations and its customs.
In the South of the nation the voodoo is very diffuse, that with singular ceremonies lives together pacifically with Catholicism and Islamism.
Some northern zones of the country present spontaneous spectacular architectures (true castles of clay and straw as in the Tamberma villages) and very beautiful populations from the hearty welcome and the easy smile.

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August '06
Viaggio in Africa Occidentale
November '07

Abitazioni Tamberma Allattamento Bambini di Lomè Bambini e decorazioni Bassar

Casa Tamberma Castelli d'argilla Danze nel villaggio di Amenudjikodji Donna Kabye

Donne togolesi Pesca di villaggio sulla costa atlantica Ragazze Tamberma Popolazione Kabye

Villaggio Tamberma Rito Vudu Lomè

Donna Tamberma Ragazzo del Togo settentrionale Ragazza togolese Mamma togolese

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