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Location: Europe/Asia
Ankara (3.300.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Samsun, Bursa, Konya, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Sakarya, Trabzon, Sanliurfa, Izmit, Manisa, Antalya, Mersin, Denizli, Eskisehir, Malatya, Diyarbakir
779,452 km2
1 Turkish lira = 100 kurus
Turkish, Kurdish
Sunni and Shi'a Moslem
The Independence's Year:
1923 (first republic)
Monts of Pontus, Monts Tauri
Kizilirmak, Yesilirmak, Tigris, Euphrates, Meandro, Sakarya
Van e Tuz (both salt), Egridir, Beysehir



It straddle between Europe and Asia, between modernity and strongly deep-rooted traditions, between democracy and loss of the human rights, between an economy that looks at the European Union and the financial crisis with devaluation and dizzy increase of the inflation.
In any case it is a very beautiful nation, with the pearl of one of the most fascinating towns of the world: Istanbul, modern and ancient, European and Asiatic, from the big and wonderful mosques, from Bosporus to the Golden Horn, from the Tokapi to the hanging bridge for Uskudar (Asia), from the big bazaar to the inns on the sea.
And then to the other side of Bosporus there is the real Turkey, up to waterfalls made of stone of Pamukkale, as far as Cappadocia with the rocks of tufa sculpted by the wind and from waters to Uchisar, Goreme and Ortahisar, as far as Lake Van and then to the Mediterranean coasts of Alanya, Antalya and Bodrum.
There are also the archaeological sites of Efeso, of Pulpit, of Troy; and then there is that little hole over a column of the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul, where you can slip the finger and express a desire, which will realize itself only if you are able to hear a little of damp!

* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about Turkey are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com


March '08
October '10
Bodrum ed Efeso


Il Corno d'Oro Interno della Moschea Blu La Cisterna Basilica La lavata dei piedi a Uskudar

La Moschea Blu La Moschea di Beyazit La Moschea di Solimano Lanterne

Negozio dell'oro Notturno della Moschea Blu S. Sofia Traffico dul Bosforo

Antica medersa Goreme Kayseri Il Castello di Uchisar

Ortahisar Urgup Pigeon Valley Uchisar

Donne dell'estremo oriente turco Il Lago Van La cittadella di Van La chiesa dell'Isola di Aktamar

Camini delle fate in Cappadocia Chiesa rupestre in Cappadocia Mausoleo a Kayseri Cappadocia L'ingresso di una medersa Moschea Hunat a Kayseri

Photographies to greater solution can be found to the page Middle East Gallery