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Location: Europe
Kiev (2.620.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Leopoli, Mykolaiv, Sevastopol
603,700 km2
1 hrivna = 100 kopeki
The Independence's Year:
Carpatian, Monts of Crimea
Donec, Dnepr, Dnestr, Danube



Wide ex Soviet Republic of the oriental Europe, constitued to a large extend by the Sarmatian Lowland, it overlooks at South the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, bounded by Crimea's Peninsula.
The lowland is furrowed from big rivers: The Donec, the Dnepr, the Dnestr and to the border with Romania the Danube.
The climate is everywhere very cold on winter and heat damp on summer.
As all the ex Soviets countries, Ukraine also suffered the passage from the communist totalitarianism to the attempt of democracy and liberalization of the enterprises, with a very bad economic situation, with high inflation, unemployment and very difficult financial situation.
In the last years general conditions are improving and especially in the Capital Kiev is possible to notice a fairly good progress, with a nice cultural unrest and a moderate economical development.
In 2000 the nuclear power station of Cernobyl was closed definitively, it was dismantled thanks to the financial helps (about 2 billions of dollars) of western countries.

* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about Ukraine are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com

September '10    


Architetture a Kiev Bambini ucraini Casa nell'Ucraina centrale Ragazza di Lviv

Coro nel villaggio di Pirohovo Il monastero delle Grotte di Pechersk Frutti della campagna Notturno al monastero di S. Michele

Zhovskva Notturno a Lviv Il centro di Kiev Il Dniepr a Kiev

Lo stadio della Dinamo Kiev Santa Sofia a Kiev Donne dell'Ucraina settentrionale Per le strade della vecchia Kiev

La chiesa di S. Andrea a Kiev Costumi ucraini nel villaggio di Pirohovo Villaggio agricolo S. Michele a Kiev

Ivano Frankivsk L'inverno nelle foreste ucraine Il Rynak di Zhovskva Cattedrale armena a Lviv

Cupole a Santa Sofia Costumi ucraini Cupole d'oro La chiesa di Pirohovo Il campanile di S. Michele Ragazza ucraina

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