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Location: Africa
Lusaka (980.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
Kabwe, Ndola
752,614 km2
1 Zambian kwacha = 100 ngwee
English, Bantù dialects
Roman Catholic, Animist, Protestant
The Independence's Year:
Monts Muchinga
Zambezi, Luangwa, Luapula
Kariba (artificial), Tanganyika, Mweru, Bangweulu




Big and beautiful country of the southern Africa, constituted by a uniform succession of plateaus with heights generally included between 1.000 and 1.300 meters msl, where the continental tropical temperature is mitigated by the effects of the altitude.
Big part of the territory is covered by the savannah, that a time was owning an exceptional faunal wealth, that today is preserved in wide areas protected which include 11 nature reserves.
Among them the most famous is the Kafue National Park already instituted in 1951 to North of Livingstone, with a surface of about 22.500 Kmq it is one among the widest ones of the Earth and it is rich of elephants, buffalos, leopards, lions, antelopes and of 400 kind of birds.
The Zambezi River, which for a long tract marks the border with Zimbabwe, forms on this limit the spectacular Victory Waterfalls.

* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about Zambia are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com

May '09
L'Africa Meridionale

Babbuino Gente dello Zambia Lo Zambesi a Victoria Falls Victoria Falls Piccolo di Livingstone

Navigazione sullo Zambesi Rocce e acqua a Victoria Falls Knife Ridge

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