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Location: Europe
Athens ( 3.100.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
131,957 km2
1 euro = 100 cents
Greek Orthodox
The Independence's Year:
Aliakmòn, Vardar, Aspropotamo, Peneios
Trichonis, Voiveis, Volve



The colors of its flag symbolize the candid white of the lime houses and the blue of the sky and the sea.The most radiant examples of the cubic houses, perfectly white, are found in the islands, a fundamental part of Greece, from the most famous centers: Mikonos, Thira, Lindos, Ios.... up to the most lost villages in the islet less frequented, on the mountains or extended to the edge of the sea.
Blue skies and blue, green, transparent, sea are found anywhere, from the north Calcidica up to Castellorizzo to few hundred meters from the Turkish bank of the Aegean.
How many beautiful places Greece has! To start from the historical sites, each different from the other: Delfi, Olimpia, Micene, Epidauro, Cnosso.... up to the most lost countries on top of the mountains as Metsovon in the Pindo or Folegandros on a summit in the mean to the Aegean, or after all to a bay that doesn't end anymore or at the end of a road without end. And that perfume has its earth and its people!
The ouzo, the retsina, the wild fennel, a barbecue of fish just disembarked to shore. .... And that strange places! Any nation to the world has to its inside a theocratic republic as that of Mountain Athos, where about ten monasteries from the fantastic, fanciful, polychrome, frightening architecture lean out to peak on one of the most beautiful seas of the planet and where only the men (few) are admitted.

* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about Greece are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com


May '06

Le Isole Cicladi,
alla scoperta dell'arcipelago di Eolo

April '10

fLa grande iscrizione di Gortina


Bianco e azzurro a Mykonos Epidauro Grande Lavra a Monte Athos Vatopedi a Monte Athos

I mulini di Kato Mjli Milos Mistra Panorama di Thera

Sulla spiaggia di Haghia Anna Sulla striscia del sole Tramonto su Therasia Trasparenze a Mykonos

A Santorini Mikonos

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