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Location: Europe / Asia
Moskva (8.540.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
St. Petersburg, Jekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Nizni Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Celjabinsk, Perm, Rostov-na-Donu, Samara, Volgograd
17,075,400 km2
1 ruble = 100 kopeks
Russian Orthodox, Moslem
Ural, Valdai Hills, Central Russian Upland, Caucasus, Altaj
Volga, Don, Donec, Jenisej, Lena, Ural, Ob
Caspian Sea, Ladoga, Onega, Bajkal



Despite the dismemberment of ex Soviet Union (1991), Russia is the bigger nation of the world (17 millions of Kmq, that is almost the double of United States); it includes big part of the eastern Europe and all the northern strip of the Asiatic continent, from the Ural Mountains up to Peninsula of the Kamcatka and to the Kuril Islands.
The territory presents a big variety of geographic landscapes, with long rich of water rivers and very wide lakes, both in Europe (Ladoga and Onega) and Asia (Bajkal and Caspian Sea, many conutries overlook on it).
The climate is everywhere definitely continental, with hot summers and above all very cold and very long winters, that have always conditioned the Russian life and history.
From the "October Revolution" (1917), that took to the pulling down of the czarist regime, replaced by the Leninist socialist regime, up to beginning of the years '90, Russia was governed with stiff communist princes, that limited the economic development of the nation for long.
With the constitution of 1993 a federal presidential Republic was set up, that took a wind of news, free market, partial privatization and westernization of the nation.
Despite that, the immense charm of Moscow and St. Petersburg, two town completely different between of theirs, remain unchanged.

* Information and news of every kind (and photographic documentation) about Russia are to disposition of the partners of the Worldwide Geographic Academy: info@accademiageograficamondiale.com


July - August '11 October '11  
Italiani a Mosca
ghdeeeeg Ottobre Rosso gde
April '11 May '11 June '11
Mosca: Magazzini Gum
gart Il giorno della vittoria err
gart L'anno della cultura err
January '11 February '11 March '11
gtr Inverno a Mosca gre
gtrMaslenitsa: la festa di fine inverno fdg
May '10 May '10 May '10
jthj La Chiesa dell'Intercessione a Bogoljubovo jut
rfIl Cremlino di Mosca ju
May '10 July '08 February '09
Le città storiche dell'Anello d'oro
ju Dai diari di viaggio - Un amico a Mosca ht
jut La Russia e l'ex- Unione Sovietica jutr


Cattedrale di Kazan a Mosca Al monastero di Aleksandr Nevsky a San Pietroburgo A Suzdal Cupole a Sergiev Posad

Il Museo dell' Ermitage a San Pietroburgo L'inverno russo Matrioske Al mercato di Rostov

La Neva ghiacciata La Piazza Rossa a Mosca La Smol'nyj a San Pietroburgo Al Cremlino di Mosca

Gli stagni del Patriarca a Mosca Fedeli a Vladimir Il Fiume Volga Il Teatro Bolshoj

Ivanovo Izba a Kydeksha Kostroma La Cattedrale di San Basilio

La Moscova Le torri d'ingresso alla Piazza Rossa Pereslavl Zalessky Rostov

San Basilio a Mosca Sergiev Posad Suzdal Yaroslav

Ekaterimburg Il Cremlino di Kazan Isba sugli Urali La Russia moderna

Cupole al Cremlino I Magazzini Gum La Chiesa dell'Intercessione a Bogolyubovo La vergine di Vladimir Vladimir

Photographies to greater solution can be found to the page The Great North Gallery