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Location: Africa
Khartoum (930.000 inhab.)
Main Cities:
Port Sudan, Omdurman, Khartoum North, Wad Medani, Kassala, Nyala
2,503,890 km2
1 Sudanese dinar = 10 piastres
Moslem, Christian, Animist
The Independence's Year:
Gebel Marra (3088 m.), Gebel Odda (2259 m.), Mt.Kinyeti (3187 m.)
White Nile, Blue Nile



It is a very big nation (with 2 millions and half of Kmq is the widest country of the African continent), desert to North and marshy to South, everywhere very hot, with dry climate to North and damp to South.
It is crossed from Nile for thousands of kilometers, from the border with Uganda in the extreme South up to border with Egypt to nord. Khartoum (the capital) is located to the confluence between the White Nile, that comes from the Victory Lake, and the Blue Nile that arrives from the plateaux of Ethiopia.
To North the nation is very pleasant, with the desert of Bayuda contained between the bends of Nile; with the very beautiful, little pyramids of Meroe and Napata, which raise from the yellow sands of the desert; with the Jebel Barkal (the holy mountain) that dominates the sinuous course of the big river, hemmed by a green strip of palms that cuts the desert in two.

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May '09
Il Mar Rosso Sudanese

Dal Jebel Barkal Il Nilo La tomba del Mahdi a Omdurman Donna Sudanese

Le Piramidi di Meroe Le piramidi di Napata Thè nel deserto Bambine di Karima

Ragazza alla terza cateratta del Nilo Ragazza nei pressi di Mussawarat Ragazza sul Nilo Ragazzo della regione nitolica Donna sudanese

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